Solar success at the Washington State legislature

Solar success at the Washington State legislature

Thanks to the hard work of many solar supporters across the entire state, legislators in Olympia passed the Solar Fairness Act earlier this week to mark Earth Day. It also passed other precedent-setting climate and clean energy bills. The solar industry is hopeful that Governor Inslee will sign these into law in the weeks to come.

Thanks to our many solar supporters for making possible a major leap toward a clean energy future. Now the state’s solar trade association will work to ensure that the potential of the Solar Fairness Act and other clean energy bills are fully realized.

  • The Solar Fairness Act gives solar in Washington a level playing field by allowing distributed solar projects to continue to benefit from net metering. It will also increase Washington’s energy mix to at least 1% solar and ensure that the solar industry continue to thrive and grow.
  • The 100% Clean Electricity Act will kick start Washington’s equitable, clean energy transformation. The bill contains groundbreaking changes to the way the state’s utilities do business, and makes Washington one of only a handful of states in the country to have a 100% clean grid mandate. Read a detailed breakdown of the law by the Northwest Energy Coalition if you want to find out more.

To confirm these bills as state law, Governor Inslee must sign them in the next several weeks. More to come on the bills’ final passage. It’s a “sunny” day in Washington State today!

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