The Solar Fairness Act (SB 6081)

Solar Owners Deserve to Own their Power

  • The Solar Fairness Act is about the future of how we power our world
  • Solar owners should have the right to use the electricity they make
  • It’s only fair

Defend Net Metering; Own Your Power

“Net metering” ensures that solar owners own their power. This allows them to use their solar energy as a 1-to-1 replacement for grid electricity of the course of the year. But in some areas, electricity rates are discounting the value of solar power, penalizing solar owners for producing power for their communities.

A Strong Net Metering Policy is Essential to Washington’s Clean Energy Future

Washington’s solar owners are leading the way towards our clean energy future. It’s only fair that solar owners own their power.

The Solar Fairness Act: OWN YOUR POWER

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