Olympia update 2020: Add your voice to Keep WA Solar Strong

Olympia update 2020: Add your voice to Keep WA Solar Strong

The Washington State legislature is well underway on 2020’s “short” session in Olympia. Add your voice to keep 2020’s solar opportunities moving:

  1. Solar Panel Recycling (SHB 2465, SSB 6622) prepares Washington for national leadership, thanks to bipartisan collaboration by Rep. Smith, Rept. Shewmake, Sen. Das, Sen. Lovelett, and others.
  2. Community Solar (SHB 2248) empowers broader solar ownership, with bipartisan leadership from Rep. Doglio and Rep. DeBolt.
  3. C-PACER (SHB 2405, SB 6222): Led by Rep. Duerr, C-PACER – commercial property-assessed clean-energy finance and resilience – gives commercial property owners a new tool to use private investment to finance long-term upgrades for energy efficiency, clean energy, and resilience.
  4. Clean Fuels (E2SHB 1110), led by Rep. Fitzgibbon, would allow Washington to join a coast-wide market for cleaner transportation. The bill gives utilities greater opportunity to invest in electrifying transportation and “driving on sunshine.” Clean fuels and solar are a win-win for all.

Click here to urge your legislators to be solar champions with these bills.

Thanks for speaking up for growing solar in our state. Onward!

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