Solar for thriving local jobs

Washington is home to 128 small businesses that manufacture or install solar components. Collectively, they support 3,700 jobs in our state.

A 2016 study from Western Washington University’s Center for Economic and Business Research found that every state dollar invested in solar spurs approximately $7.00 in payroll and $16.00 in economic activity in Washington.

Solar installers purchase panels, inverters, and many other components from local manufacturers and suppliers, adding to their positive impact to the state economy. Many solar customers make additional investments in home improvements and energy efficiency as part of their plan to reduce their energy costs, further adding to Washington’s economy and reducing strain on its utility grid.

Across the country, solar jobs are growing quickly. The Solar Foundation’s 2015 National Solar Jobs Census found that the industry is adding workers nearly 12 times faster than the overall economy, accounting for 1 in every 83 new jobs across the country. Solar employs more than 200,000 people across the US, many more than coal, oil, or natural gas. Furthermore, solar jobs pay higher than US median wages.

Solar power lets homeowners own their own electricity. Over the 25-year lifetime of a residential solar system, homeowners can save $10,000 – $50,000 in utility bills. That’s serious savings for groceries, cars, tuition, and more, all driving news sales tax revenue for city and county governments across the state. Furthermore, Western Washington University has found that the state receives greater real estate tax revenues from the price premiums of homes with solar panels.

Solar can also power our growing fleet of electric vehicles, keeping carbon in the ground and our fuel dollars at home. The Northwest Power and Conservation Council, a utility industry group, finds that “according to the Council’s conservative estimate, by 2035 we could keep $2 billion dollars per year in the region, mainly by reducing the amount of gasoline purchased from producers outside the region. While the initial cost for an electric vehicle can be more expensive, the fuel savings more than make up for the extra expense and their maintenance costs are usually lower, too.” Driving on solar power not only cuts pollution, it also keeps our dollars local.


Washington businesses serving the solar industry


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Solar is great for local jobs

Washington deserves a clear and stable solar policy

Tell your legislators to pass the Solar Jobs Bill (HB 1048 / SB 5499 / SB 5939)

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