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In 2006, Washington created the Renewable Energy Cost Recovery Incentive Payment Program to help build a local solar manufacturing sector and to enable residents to put solar power to work on homes, commercial buildings, and community facilities. The program has been enormously successful...
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Solar is great for Washington homeowners and businesses

In 2006, Washington created the Renewable Energy Cost Recovery Incentive Payment Program to help build a local solar manufacturing sector and to enable residents to put solar power to work on homes, commercial buildings, and community facilities. The program has been enormously successful:


megawatts of solar installed since 2006


homes and businesses have added solar power


family-wage jobs created and sustained by the solar industry

Support the 2017 Solar Jobs Bill (House Bill 1048 / Senate Bill 5499)
Washington deserves a clear and stable solar policy

In 2016, the legislature failed to renew the solar program, and now clean energy is in danger without your support. It’s time to update Washington’s solar policy by passing the Solar Jobs Bill: HB 1048/SB 5499. To protect the positive benefits of this program and to continue our state’s progress deploying clean and renewable energy, HB 1048 / SB 5499 make the following updates to our state’s solar incentive program:

More jobs for less cost

Reduce the per-kilowatt-hour incentive rate to reflect the lower costs of solar systems, while maintaining an in-state manufacturing incentive.

How this helps

Less cost per-kilowatt-hour means fewer state dollars can be used to install even more solar over time. As the cost of installing solar continues to decline, support from state incentives will also decline.

Increase state revenues

Eliminating the sales tax exemption for solar systems in the current program will help increase revenue to the state from new solar installations.

How this helps

Solar installations could be a major source of new revenue for the state and local governments while helping the program pay for itself.

Expanded utility participation

Increase the per-utility incentive cap from 0.5% to 2.0% of their taxable revenue to allow continued solar deployment in early adoption utilities.

How this helps

Expanding the program will enable thousands of solar-ready Washingtonians to participate in this program.

Certainty for new solar owners

Allow customers who seek solar energy for their home or business to receive eight years of incentive payments at the same rate at which they enter the program.

How this helps

Increased certainty creates a more stable environment for growing the solar industry.

Protection for existing solar customers

Customers already enrolled in the solar program will maintain their existing incentive rates until 2020.

How this helps

Locking in today’s incentive rates for current solar owners follows through on the original program designed for Washington’s solar pioneers.

Here’s how solar means business for Washington


Download this two-page summary about the 2017 Solar Jobs Bill or this two-page summary about how Solar Means Business

Tell your legislators to pass the Solar Jobs Bill (HB 1048 / SB 5499)

Help keep Washington #SolarStrong by signing this petition by the Solar Installers of Washington!

Solar power is great for our environment, energy independence, and creates thriving jobs all over our state.

Solar for health & environment

Solar is a key solution to climate change, replacing polluting sources of electricity to power homes, businesses, and a growing use of electric cars, buses, and trains.

Solar for energy independence

While the Pacific Northwest has enjoyed inexpensive hydropower for many decades, the price of depending on hydro – in dollars, pollution, and security – is growing.

Solar for thriving local jobs

Washington is home to 128 small businesses that manufacture or install solar components. Collectively, they support 3,700 jobs in our state.

Organizations supporting the Solar Jobs Bill

Small businesses supporting the Solar Jobs Bill

A&R Solar
Arlington Electric
Artisan Electric
Cascadia Solar
Ecotech Solar
Ellensburg Solar
Fire Mountain Solar
Green Canopy Homes
Hire Electric Solar Division
Hot Solar Solutions
Itek Energy

Magnum Energy/Sensata
Midnite Solar
Northwest Electric & Solar
NW Mechanical
NW Wind & Solar
Outback Power Technologies
Platt Electric
Power Trip Energy Corp.
Powur, PBC
Puget Sound Solar
Solora Solar

South Sound Solar
Sunbridge Solar
Sunergy Engineering Services
Sunergy Systems
SunModo Corp
Sun’s Eye Solar Power
West Seattle Natural Energy
Western Solar
Whidbey Sun & Wind

To add your organization to this list, email us at info@solarstrongwa.org

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13,000 Washingtonians have gone solar to keep our energy dollars local, support 3,700 jobs, cut climate pollution, and make our state more energy independent…